Our Philosophy

At Marsden Early Learning Centre we acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and pay respect to our elder’s past, present and future. For they hold the indigenous memories, traditions, cultures and hopes of all Australians. (Aboriginal Acknowledgment)

At Marsden ELC we strive to guide all children to have a strong sense of identity. We want children to have maximum opportunity to create a safe and secure attachment with educators and one another. We develop environments where children can be open to challenges and celebrate their own individual achievements. We want all children to have the opportunity to develop confident self-identities and be able to share/express their feelings with educators and one another, so we can then scaffold their ideas to create fun and exciting learning environments.


We promote all children to be connected and contribute to the world around them. We understand that children here at the centre come from a range of cultural backgrounds. We promote these cultures within the room and around the centre, encouraging children to celebrate who they are and where they come from. We believe that all children have the right to belong to our centre, educators will strive to make all children and families feel welcome and invite the children to share their ideas about their room and add their own touches to the room. At Marsden ELC we encourage the children to participate in caring for the environment around us. We encourage the children to become involved in sustainable projects and practices.


At Marsden ELC we encourage all children to have a strong sense of wellbeing. We will encourage children to be strong in their social emotional settings, and learn to enjoy interactions alone and in group activities. We will encourage children to work collaborative with one another and learn to express their ideas and emotions along the way. During group activities we will encourage children to co-operate and learn to self-regulate. We as educators feel it is important for children to take responsibility of their own health and hygiene practices. We will encourage children to make healthy food choices and encourage them to become involved in outdoor games and sports, as we feel physical activity is very important during the early years.


The educators here at Marsden ELC encourage children to become confident and involved learners. Educators use the children’s interests and ideas to scaffold their learning and development. We encourage children to be curious, confident, creative, imaginative and enthusiastic during play experiences, both planned and spontaneous. We encourage children to investigate and experiment using their own ideas. We encourage children to connect with people, places, and technologies, using natural and processed materials. Educators ensure they have resources available for children to explore and investigate the world around them.


Marsden ELC encourages children to explore symbols in play and identify pattern systems. Educators teach children by creating fun mathematical experiences for the children to learn from. Educators encourage children to explore language using music, visual representations and language. Educators believe that communication is very important in the early years, as it helps children understand instructions and be able to communicate accurately in order to create friendships. We encourage children to engage with modern technology and use it to assist learning and research up to date information on particular topics.


The educators at Marsden ELC ensure they create a fun exciting and secure learning environment for children to explore and learn in. the educators here are friendly and believe that each child has a special talent and as educators we can bring that talent to life.

This philosophy was developed in conjunction with management, family and educator’s feedback.
Our Centre philosophy is guided by the National Quality Standards.
“Together we take the time to build the individual foundations of education and care of all children’s future”

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