About Marsden Early Learning Centre

Marsden Early Learning Centre is committed to providing high quality education and early childhood services to the community for children aged between 6 weeks to 12 years.

We believe that early childhood is a significant period of a child’s life and is a time for fun, discovery, adventure, imagination and learning through play.

We provide a play based learning approach based on strengths and interests and encourage the development of relationships and interactions to support each child to develop a sense of belonging, being and becoming.

We provide a safe, friendly, inviting, welcoming and nurturing environment that meets and reflects the needs of the children, families and the community and provides opportunities to discover, imagine, explore, experiment and interact.

We help support each unique opportunity for learning and assist each child to be a successful learner, and by extending on each child’s strengths, interests and needs we will provide them with the best possible opportunities for learning and help them achieve key learning outcomes.

We provide the following services with the help of our dedicated, trained and experienced educators:

  • Long Day Care
  • Before and After School Care
  • Vacation Care

We are open between 6:00am and 6:00pm every day except weekends and public holidays.

We provide a free courtesy bus service for home pick up and drop off (subject to availability). Please contact our Centre Director for full details and if available in your area.

We provide fully qualified early childhood teachers and deliver a nationally recognised kindergarten program.

Bente Thiilen

Centre Director

(07) 3805 3418

Hello to all the families at Marsden Early Learning Centre.

My name is Bente Thiilen. I am the Nominated Supervisor at this beautiful Centre. I have been working in this industry for 18 years and as Director for the past 8 years.

My passion for childcare started when my own children were little and haven’t diminished over the years. As a centre manager I believe the support and the relationships you build and grow within the centre and the local community is paramount for developing strong, confident and resilient children. Your support and involvement in the centre is of great importance for us, and I look forward to building positive relationships with you and your children here at Marsden Early Learning. Come down for a tour of our centre and see for yourself the many wonderful things the educators do with the children every day.

Enrol your child at Marsden ELC today!